Monday, November 12, 2012

The greatest question, I think, every Muslim should ask

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All the true answers, I believe, lie in the childhood of the prophet.

Firstly, his father, Abdul Mutalib, raised the prophet until he was eight years old. That means he couldn't have been a Muslim, as Muhammed hasn't yet reached prophethood.

After that, the prophet was taken into the care of Abu Talib.

Why did Abu Talib, the Uncle of the prophet, who knew, raised, and cared for the prophet since he was a child, an orphan, and who probably knew him more truly than anyone else, not embrace Islam, even to his last breath?


The human mind has unimaginable potential to create, thrive, and flourish in the areas of art, poetry, literature, and science. It is an absolute phenomenon, which until now, cannot be fully explained.


The Koran, the reason people believe it is a word from God, runs by the following process:

1)   Muhammed, who still wasn’t brainwashed by religion, had the mental capacity to create such a beautiful piece of poetic art. Although some verses may seem to be a scientific miracle, the verses can be interpreted in countless different ways.
2)   People fell under the spell of its rhetoric, fell in love with its words, thus being hypnotized by the eloquence of its rhymes, which in turn caused them to obey and abide by all of its philosophies through considerable and undoubted amount of fear.
3)   This process of blindly following its codes and certainty, dumbed and numbed their very minds to function artistically, as functioning artistically can only happen when you believe in the beauty of life’s uncertainty
4)   Slowly, through the generations, it has been conditioned more and more into the minds of children, until it became equated with physical law, and factual absolutions


Why? This is too hard to consume. But think about it. This part, I think, is going to raise a question that is extremely important for every Muslim to ask. Although the prophet had many followers who knew him well, we still can’t perfectly put eyes into theirs to see how they actually perceived the prophet. Even though many of his followers knew the prophet, that was only as he was an adult. Think about it! Who is the only person, who truly knew Muhammed? The person who truly raised him, and saw him from youth growing up? Who is the one, who saw the prophet, in the stages while he still was a child, and who can be able to see his very true nature? It was Abu Talib.

  Here come’s the major question that every Muslim should ask, ‘Why is he probably the only one, who hasn’t entered Islam, despite him being the closest to the prophet, as his very guardian? Ask yourselves! Why is he the only one, who hadn’t embraced Islam, despite him being around the prophet more than anyone else, at least as far as his childhood goes? Maybe, just maybe, he saw more in the prophet than all of us did. He might have seen that the orphan was psychotic, delusional, and extremely gifted in the art of persuasion. Maybe he saw him, despite the prophet appearing innocent, as a megalomaniac who sought power and control over the mind of man. What if this is true? Maybe he saw the true side of the prophet as he was a child, before he was able to mask it later on in adulthood. As we know, when one reaches adulthood, he can be far more able to hide a side of him he wishes other people not to see. I’m not saying that it is true, but if it is so, then Islam is the greatest tragedy, and misperception mankind has ever faced. If it is true, then Islam would be a cult, masked with the false name of religion, that has cursed mankind for an unfortunately long time.


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